Feb 14, 2012

Śpórt Dày n Qàtàr 14Feb, (2)

The Pearl Time

The weather was sunny :(  >> so we need Ice Cream :D

we specifically wanna (Stick House)
we went to the queries to ask about the location !

Sweets shop >> yum yum

we had to express this bridge 

there are 2 ways 4 crossing :D

(the elevator or the stairs)

under the bridge there s sea water

the road was very loooong :( we didn't expect that 

we waked through many new stations >> tired

here my sister was  very tired

this s a wonderful place that sells shawls

finally we got  looool

too healthy

this s lady salon found next 2 the Ice Cream Shop there s other for men

also Ice Cream Shop but not Pink Berry it's  >>  Foshy Berry
we must have 2 try it next time

The End

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